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General Pediatrics 2017: Regression of large infantile multifocal hepatic hemangioma after Propranolol- Sara Lobo- Santa Maria Hospital

Sara Lobo

Latest literatures describe numerous cases of successful response of infantile liver hemangioma to propranolol treatment. Some multifocal hepatic hemangioma can involve a massive area of the liver in children and carry a high threat of increase in cardiovascular compromise, requiring a fast approach and monitoring. This case report describes a 3-months infant with a huge multifocal hepatic hemangioma for who was proposed to start propranolol. Treatment was done in a 20 months period without report to any side effects and a surprisingly fast response. The authors present this case to emphasize the efficacy and safety of blocker-β propranolol treatment in young children even for very large liver hemangiomas.

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