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Gingival prosthesis: A case report

Pranit Bora, Kavita Gupta, Rajesh Sethuraman, Bhavika Khated, Yesha Shah

A delightful smile can open the doors and whack down obstacles that stand between you and a fuller richer life’. Though, not all the attractive people were born that way. Many have taken the benefit of plastic surgery as well as cosmetic surgery. The synchronization of the smile is determined not only by shape, position and colour of tooth but also by the gingival tissues. Gingival tissues often experience pathologic changes leading to gingival recession, black triangles. Sometimes management of gingival recession can be managed surgically whereas severe and extensive recession in multiple teeth can be managed non-surgically with a gingival prosthesis. Here is a case report in which a removable gingival prosthesis was used.

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