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Investigating the effect of immediate loading of implants planted in the cavities of freshly extracted teeth

Elshan Bargahi, Mojtaba Esmailpour Roshan, Amir Noori

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The benefits of immediate implant loading, such as saving time, immediate function, and patient satisfaction, have caused the desire to implement it to increase day by day. The aim of this study is immediate loading in dental implants.

ANALYSIS METHOD: The search was done in PubMed, Embase, Blackwell Synergy, Sciencedirect, Google Scholar, Google and Yahoo and related English books were also used. Factors affecting the success of immediate implant loading include patient selection, bone quality, dimensions, microstructure and macroscopic structure of the implant, surgeon’s skill, initial stability and control of occlusal forces, and principles of prosthetics.

FINDINGS: Regardless of the type of implant and its surface characteristics, immediate loading in the front of the mandible is predictable (90%-100% success). There is limited evidence on the success of immediate maxillary loading in partially edentulous individuals. Most of the studies are retrospective and lack a control group.

CONCLUSION: The anatomical location of the implant, the design of the implant and the principles of prosthetics are key factors to ensure success. Before the widespread use of this method, long-term prospective studies should be done.

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