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How do adolescents deal with social anxiety?

Naved Alam

One of the most prevalent mental health conditions in the globe is anxiety disorders. Social anxiety disorder is an anxiety condition with early onset, frequent occurrence, and substantial severity among these psychological problems. Social anxiety is an issue that typically manifests in adolescence and has a negative impact on young people's social lives. Due to the significance of adolescence for a person's entire life, it is important to focus on this type of mental illness in order to develop precise prevention strategies and assist patients in their social life experiences. On the other side, social anxiety disorder frequently coexists with other mental health issues such depression, alcoholism, substance abuse, suicide, and multiple anxiety disorders. Therefore, social anxiety disorder prevention and treatment aid in preventing significant comorbid issues. First, specialists on social anxiety disorder employ pharmacologic treatments and therapies as common and efficient forms of treatment. There are, however, a number of obstacles in various dimensions to treatment. This review paper looks at adolescent social anxiety disorder. Second, treatment is provided for co-occurring disorders with social anxiety disorder. The procedure of prevention and therapy as well as any obstacles before treatment are then described.

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